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Ready for MORE Antioxidant Protection? Our new Antioxidant Perfecting Toner and Cleanser is available now.

Antioxidant Perfecting Toner Antioxidant Perfecting Cleanser Antioxidant Perfecting Cleanser and Toner Duo Read the full article »

NEW! Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex. Yes, you DO want to make your face fat again.

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Why is our Vitamin C+ Firming Serum an Outstanding Serum?

Dr Glow Girl here – Just a gentle reminder about why our value-priced vitamin C+ Firming serum is such an outstanding serum. (Just in case your glowy complexion and all the compliments you get on your skin regularly aren’t quite enough of an explanation, Glow People.) NO WATER. Nope, we’re not cheap and we’re not going to use water in this serum. Ever. We promise! L-ASCORBIC ACID. This is simply, hands-down, the most effective form of vitamin C for your skin. No need to be metabolized before it can be used to do what it does best: Star in the […] Read the full article »

Make Daily Sunscreen Use a Year-Round Habit

Make daily sunscreen use part of your skincare routine and reap the results in as little as ten months. Research has shown that applying sunscreen on a daily basis significantly improves the health and overall texture of your skin in a short time. Skin actually repairs previous sun damage. Each summer we are bombarded with lots of information (and misinformation) about sunscreen. Then the minute August is behind us, sunscreen as a popular news topic falls right off the radar. The truth is sunscreen is a year-round requirement. Even though UVB rays, “the tanning rays”, are stronger during the summer […] Read the full article »

What’s LIPOSHIELD and why should you care?

Hello, Glow Darlings! I have important news this month! Sit and think now – how many hours each day do you spend in front of a computer or on your phone? Millions, of course! I plead guilty as well. Dr. Glow Girl must keep up her social media appearances and yes, Dr. Glow Girl is addicted to her electronic devices. Imagine my surprise to find out that these little electronic wonders are constantly emitting something called “High Energy Visible Light” (HEVL). And this HEVL can actually cause just as much damage to your skin as UVA and UVB rays combined. […] Read the full article »