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LAST WEEK TO SAVE 50%. NEW! CSRX Transforming Infusion TONER

Darlings! We have yet another Fab-U-lous way to get even MORE of that anti-aging miracle worker, Niacinamide, into your skin! For years it’s been retinol, retinol, retinol. And YES, retinol is great for your complexion, increasing cell turnover very nicely. But recently, the grand poo-bah scientists in their labs have discovered that NIACINAMIDE is the super-power of anti-aging ingredients. We’re in agreement! You’ll be seeing and hearing about it everywhere soon. If you haven’t already added CSRx Transforming Infusion, 10% Concentrate to your routine, here’s another way to get Niacinamide into your skin. Darlings, if you HAVE added it, consider […] Read the full article »

NEW! Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex. Yes, you DO want to make your face fat again.

Find out how here! Read the full article »

Are you ready to dish about skincare, Glow Girls and Boys?

I am! Dr GlowGirl here to announce, ta-da!!!…..Our brand new FORUMS are open and ready for all you darlings to post and chat and give advice and get advice and just generally wear yourselves out talking about ALL things skincare! Login to your regular account and get started letting everyone know which products are your personal faves and which skincare issues drive you bananas. Remember, we’re always harder on ourselves than we are on others. So, no, I don’t really see that brown spot you’re pointing out but do you see this little freckle here on my neck? Yes, Glow […] Read the full article »

Make Daily Sunscreen Use a Year-Round Habit

Make daily sunscreen use part of your skincare routine and reap the results in as little as ten months. Research has shown that applying sunscreen on a daily basis significantly improves the health and overall texture of your skin in a short time. Skin actually repairs previous sun damage. Each summer we are bombarded with lots of information (and misinformation) about sunscreen. Then the minute August is behind us, sunscreen as a popular news topic falls right off the radar. The truth is sunscreen is a year-round requirement. Even though UVB rays, “the tanning rays”, are stronger during the summer […] Read the full article »

Happy Memorial Day! Sitewide Sale!

    ALL products are on sale through Midnight, Tuesday, May 29th. Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day! P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Read the full article »