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Get Your Glow On in the Dark? YES! With our brand new THE MULTIPLIER™ Hi-Performance Vitamin C Serum.

Get your glow on, in the dark! 🙂 We’re so excited to welcome a NEW vitamin C “get your glow on” serum to our anti-aging product family! This one is recommended for night-time use. Say HELLO to The Multiplier™: Hi-Performance Vitamin C Serum! 3x the penetration – all the way to your skin’s deepest layer, the dermis. 2X the collagen synthesis of regular L-Ascorbic Acid. Stable, oil-soluble, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THDA) and Ferulic Acid are the power couple in this elegant formula. Naturally fresh smelling, the texture is more of a lotion. It’s formulated with a higher pH, perfect for even […] Read the full article »

Masking is GOOD for your skin.

5/11/2020 MASKING – Good for Protection and Your Skin By now, we all know why wearing a mask helps to protect you and your loved ones from contracting Covid-19. I’ve been wearing my masks from www.MugMask.com whenever I leave the house for my once a week grocery store (minefield) trip. I also wear them on my morning runs while being careful to stay out of any fellow runners’ or bikers’ slipstreams. I am religious about sunscreen use, sunglasses and big brim visor use whenever I am outside so I didn’t expect that the mask would make any difference. I have […] Read the full article »


4/27/2020 OUR NEW PURSE SIZE HAND SANITIZER SAMPLES HAVE ARRIVED!   EVERY PURCHASE WILL RECEIVE ONE OF THESE CREDIT CARD SIZE HAND SANITIZERS (71% alcohol) WITH YOUR ORDER. WE ARE WORKING ON ADDING A PRODUCT PAGE SO YOU MAY PURCHASE ADDITIONAL SANITIZERS FOR FAMILY OR FRIENDS. MEANWHILE, ENJOY 20% OFF ALL YOUR FAVORITES WHEN YOU USE COUPON CODE WELL20. (Expires MONDAY at Midnight) We are so excited that these came in fairly quickly. Now, if you get caught somewhere and can’t wash your hands, these conveniently sized spray sanitizers can help you stay healthy in a pinch. Stay safe and […] Read the full article »


COUPON CODES ARE LISTED FOR EACH DAY THEY APPLY. SHOP SOON TO SAVE MORE. EACH CODE EXPIRES AT MIDNIGHT EACH DAY. ***SORRY, NO CUSTOM LARGE SIZES ARE PART OF THIS SALE. FRIDAY: SALE15 SATURDAY: SALE15 (YES – we changed it from 10 to 15 for everyone who might have missed out AND extended it thru SUNDAY) This is your chance to try our remarkably effective Full Appeal Face Plumping Complex, stock up on our super effective wrinkle-relaxers, transform your skin with our CSRx Transforming Infusion products and stock up on our perennial best-seller C+ Firming serum. All at substantial savings. […] Read the full article »

NEW BLOG: Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Hello, Glow Girls and Boys! Lately, when I’ve been wandering in my local drugstore/grocery store, I have been noticing more and more collagen supplement-type products popping up. Sometimes they are in the vitamin aisle and sometimes I see them in the beauty/skincare aisles. Initially, I ignored the powders, gel caps and gummies thinking casually to myself, “…..some sort of scam….” BUT THEN………I was on the phone with a long time Cellular Skin RX Glow Girl and she mentioned that she had been taking collagen supplements and thought that they had actually made a difference in her skin. Since Glow Girls […] Read the full article »