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BACK IN STOCK. Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex is in stock and $10 off.

You can plump and fill, adding cushioning where you want it, just like injectable fillers but more slowly. Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex adds back volume where you want it to restore a younger, fresher look.  Get your cheekbones back, Glow Girls and Boys! Want to plump and fill with Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex? Find out how here!  Patricia has a few other things on her mind….namely, how to use your skincare products properly to get the very best results. Yes, she’s sort of ranting… Hello, Glow Girls and Boys – Cellular Skin RX devotees…..Look, I have to be […] Read the full article »

New Blogpost! Patricia has stories to share.

Hello, Cellular Skin RX devotees! Lately, I’ve been traveling a bit for different reasons and doing a lot of entertaining at home. These various events have had me reaching for different products to add to my regular routine. How and why? Let me dive right into the nitty-gritty of it. I’ll be brief so this won’t be fancy but hopefully you all will find it informative. Altitude dries your skin out – I found myself at about 6000 feet for a few days and, wow…..I could literally feel the skin around my eyes and across my cheeks drawing up. When […] Read the full article »

Make Daily Sunscreen Use a Year-Round Habit

Make daily sunscreen use part of your skincare routine and reap the results in as little as ten months. Research has shown that applying sunscreen on a daily basis significantly improves the health and overall texture of your skin in a short time. Skin actually repairs previous sun damage. Each summer we are bombarded with lots of information (and misinformation) about sunscreen. Then the minute August is behind us, sunscreen as a popular news topic falls right off the radar. The truth is sunscreen is a year-round requirement. Even though UVB rays, “the tanning rays”, are stronger during the summer […] Read the full article »

Make Cleansing and Toning a Treatment Step

Why waste the opportunity to treat your complexion to a slew of anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants prior to applying treatment complexes and serums? Start loving your skin during EVERY step of your skincare routine. Our Antioxidant Perfecting Cleanser and Toner Duo bathe your skin in kakadu plum fruit ferment (super high C content) and important CoQ10 (ubiquinone) to start repairing and protecting your skin immediately. If you feel you need more brightening and that the aging process seems to be getting the better of your complexion, add our CSRx Transforming Infusion Toner to your routine to amp up your skin’s […] Read the full article »

Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis has an effect on overall health.

Twice daily moisturizing of the skin can positively affect chronic disease states. Who would have thought such a simple daily part of your routine would have such a large impact? This recent study from UCSF examines the relationship between maintaining a proper level of hydration and how maintenance of your lipid barrier can have a profound effect on heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. It’s all about inflammation in skin cells and the substances that are released during the inflammation cascade. Click through to read more about the study and what UCSF discovered. https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2019/03/413576/skin-repair-eliminates-inflamm-aging-linked-chronic-disease Read the full article »